There are endless of Pro's for going with PVC. PVC is in high demand these days for the following reasons:
  • PVC fences are gravity resistant.
  • No Painting ! They come in a variety of beautiful colors that fit and blend well with the look of your home.
  • Saves time, PVC is easy to install with little to no effort to panel just snap and go.
  • Saves money. PVC comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, guaranteed never to warp, rot, peel or yellow. This product is also affordable and will save you money now and in 20 years, while your neighbor is changing their old rotting wood fence, you will be enjoying yours just like a new PVC fence.
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Chain Link

Iron is an elegant way to add style to your home, it has a wide variety of colors and attachment.It is also perfect for surrounding a pool or giving your pet or children a safe and secure place to play with the peace of mind of being able to see them at all times.



Wood is nice for the person who likes a natural look. It is very affordable and you can play around with it for years to come. Wood is easily stained, painted and shortened. Wood fences however will eventually warp or crack but for the little amount of money you will be paying you can afford to replace it with whatever new look happens to be the style in 20 years or so. With wood you will always be up to date with the trends.



Iron is an elegant way to add style to your home, it has a wide variety of colors and attachment. Simply changing caps can totally transform an ordinary fence into a glamorous piece of work. Iron gives you the freedom to see out and extend your yard much like chain link does but also gives beauty and originality as does PVC and wood.